The “Book”

What Cameron, from Cameron Studios in Johannesburg, has to say about his book.

Most people who have an interest in drawing and painting feel they can’t do it . I have designed a book that kicks off with right brain drawing and then breaks art up into formal elements , namely ,  line, colour ,  contour  ,texture and composition.

These elements have fundamental skills attached which are imparted one on one in the class.

I use drawing in pencil as the preferred medium because its quick and easy . However like with the contour exercise if the student grasps this they will have a much better idea how to paint.

Drawing from real objects and rendering without a grid method are also learnt.

Classic compositions are studied and students are encouraged to set up their own still lives.

The still lives are photographed and in that process students learn about colour and composition.

The book is sold at the beginning of the course at R150-00 and is designed to take the student from zero to hero in as short a time as possible.-

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